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Vaporizing Oil


Vaporization also works with refined product (i.e. oil, hash, keef or kif).  Also vaporizing refined product is not as harmful as smoking crude product. Most of the non-psychoactive material is removed during processing.

The above (and below) glass "straws" consist of a glass stem with a bubble on the end.


The refined product is placed inside the glass bulb and the bulb is heated while slowly drawing air through the other end of the glass straw.  The bulb can be heated with a lighter, a torch, candle, pretty much any heat source.


Above is one example of a means to heat the glass bulb.  While refined product is expensive, this is an easy and cost effective way to use it while not exposing throat and lungs to the breakdown products of burning.



Above is another means of vaporizing oil.  A knife is heated,  a drop of oil is placed on the hot knife. The resulting plume of vapor is captured- drawing the air  using a glass straw.  This method also works using an incense charcoal instead of a hot knife, this method is not shown due to the unknown chemical makeup the vapors produced.



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