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Herbal Preparation



For vaporization to be effective, you must grind your material finely- but not too fine so as to clog up the screen at the bottom of the heating chamber.  This maximizes the surface area, leading to a much more efficient use of product.


Below are two methods of grinding your material.

On the left is a "bud grinder". Using this method, one places the material in half the unit, places the two halves together (see picture below), then twist the two halves back and forth. The resulting product is somewhat coarser than the granulated herb produced by the Digital Granulator.


The Digital Granulator or "screen and bowl" grinding method is shown on the right. (The digit is the thumb that rubs the cannabis against the sieve.)  The screen is placed in the bowl and the material is placed in the screen.  Your fingertips are then used to grind the material against the screen.  This method produces a finer grind than the above method, although you may lose some trichomes to your fingertips.







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