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Uropharmacomancy: New Authoritarian Cult

Tod Mikuriya, M.D.    ©2001

 The subjugation through surveillance was dramatically facilitated through the development of inexpensive radio munoassay and automated gas-liquid chromatography.

 Coincident with this technologic innovation was escalation of drug prohibition social policy. Public policy philosophically regressed to Thomas Hobbes in the 1600’s from John Stuart Mill in the age of enlightenment a hundred and fifty years later.

 The subsequent century in the United States, Great Britain, and Europe has seen pandemic spread of prohibitionist authoritarian Government interference- the American Disease- social experiment run amok.

 Income taxes, mass conscription, and two world wars have seen regression from utilitarian governance of enlightened non-interference to intrusive majoritarian autocracy. Authoritative Government has become authoritarian. Less and less Government justification and demonstrated necessity are needed. The principle of non-interference is virtually inoperative. The space of human existence where a person reigns uncontrolled contracts even further. The large departments of individualistic human life are contracted or eliminated by laws, public and corporate policy.

 The second intervention by Government; giving advice and promulgating information has seen a parallel degradation. From legitimate and trustworthy dissemination of factual information through the institutions of science and medicine to censorship, giving bad advice, dissimulation and deception in the service of coercion and manipulation. The ensuing chaos of ignorance, partial truths, and outright lies has produced a cacophonous toxic confusion surrounding the use of hemp drugs. The font of contemporary knowledge is now a stinking swamp, hopelessly poisoned by the ignorant fantasies, fears, and untruths resulting from prohibitionists' drug propaganda efforts.

 Fifty years after the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report in America the New York Mayor's Committee on Marihuana reported on  use of the drug after a five year study, seven years after national marijuana prohibition. The perspective was based on the premise that departments of human life and individual circle with uncontrolled reign did not include the right to use marihuana. The authoritative Government intervention of Prohibition is now accepted; the non-interference principle of the Mills’  Indian Hemp Drugs Administration policy; dead- a luxury enjoyed, ironically, by people of India subjugated by the British imperium.

  The 20th century has seen this regression with the primacy of the crown replaced by facism, communism, and capitalism. Individual rights of privacy have been significantly diminished through techology. The apologia for this assault on privacy are the excuse of safety and protecting children.

  The forensic laboratory industry was given a quantum boost. The profits are facilitated by the technoauthoritarian physicians: Robert Dupont, M.D., Psychiatrist and former head of NIDA zealously promotes trichopharmacomancy. Donald Ian MacDonald, M.D., pediatrician and former Reagan advisor on AIDS policy, member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine board of directors blurs the boundaries between forensic and medical. James Q. Wilson, Ph,D, Pepperdine fervently rationalizes snuffing out privacy in the quest to diminish demand for illicit drugs.

 Congressional allies have created a series of laws and policies that legitimatize these intrusive policies, policies have claimed accuracy and efficacy in the deterrence of the use of illegal drugs.

 There is no claim on the part of the laboratories that there is any connection between the presence of drug and impairment.

 The drug testing is forensic and not medical. Medical malpractice insurance does not cover activities as a Medical Review Officer.

 Illegal drugs are those without medical indication or prescription by a physician that are classified as illegal.

 Public policy is implemented through laws, regulations, guidelines, contractual requirements and private policy.

 The workplace has been designated as the center for implementation. The scope of intrusion reaches far beyond.

 Specific populations are at risk to pharmacomancic chattelization. Athletes, students, transportation workers, professionals, probationers.

 Specific populations are exempt. Leaders. Lawmakers, Judiciary, and lawyers. Usually corporate management. One has yet to hear of a worker challenging the boss to take a drug test.

 The flawed premises on which uropharmacomancy are based on spurious biobehavioral notions that have plagued science and medicine for millennia.

 History of biological classification and causality

 Plato characterized different categories of men as different metals.

 Phrenology, the characterization of what went on inside the head by the pattern of external bumps on the surface of the skull, was the rage in the 18th and 19th centuries.

 Somatotypology, the classification of personality by physiognomy:

 Endo-, Ecto-, and Mesomorphic was popular in the 1 940’s and early 50’s.

 Swift proposed determination of treason against the king through examination of feces

The most apropos historical example is seen in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift in 1725 at the Grand Academy at Lagado where academicians studied characteristics of excreta to determine the presence of and type of treasonous ideas.

 ”Another Professor shewed me a large Paper of Instructions for discovering Plots and Conspiracies against the Government. He advised great Statesmen to examine into the Dyet of all suspected Persons; their Times of eating; upon which Side they lay in Bed; and which Hand they wiped their Posteriors; to take a strict View of their Excrements, and from the Colour, the Odour, the Taste, the Consistence, the Crudeness or Maturity of Digestion, form a Judgement of their Thoughts and Designs: Because Men are never so serious, thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at Stool; which he found by frequent Experiment: For in such Conjunctures, when he used merely as a Trial to consider which is the best Way of murdering the King, his Ordure would have a Tincture of Green; but quite different when he thought only of raising an Insurrection or burning the Metropolis.” (Jonathan Swift “Gulliver’s Travels” Chapter VI A further Account of the Academy. The Author proposeth some Improvements, which are honourably received pp 162-63 George Faulkner, Printer and Bookseller in Essex Street, opposite to the Bridge Dublin 1726)


 America is currently in the grip of a profit-driven authoritarian moralistic delusion with far more ugly consequences to the common good.

 The prime mistaken idea is the concept of causality between impaired performance and ingestion of drugs. The use of illicit drugs, per se, is defined as abuse. The substitution of forensic drug testing for medical drug testing is an abuse of science, medicine, and most importantly the individual and the role of the physician or other health professional treating the patient.

 The Congressional finding rationalizing the wider scope and application of random and specified drug testing is without scientific basis. It is a collective extraordinary delusion codified and poisoning all governance that it affects.

 Forensic pharmacology does not distinguish among the illicit drugs’ cost/benefits. Cannabis is treated the same as heroin.

 The first target population to “get” are those with certain illicit drugs based upon their Illicitude.

 “Drug free”, the semantic battle cry of Prohibitionism has tainted all media to become ubiquitous- always presented with the implication that it is a state akin to cleanliness- an all-American spasm of moralistic ugliness. A significant market share of demonization. An agitprop to distract from real corporate management issues and pursuit of quality.

 “Drug free” is as disingenuous the “Women’s Christian Temperance Union” as a label since the WCTU continue to be staunch prohibitionists- of alcohol and, of course, other drugs.

 “Drug free” means certain illicit drugs are prohibited but other drugs like alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are encouraged. Chemicals that are called “additives” are not even perceived as drugs are consumed as an unavoidable condition of a “civilized” world.

 The functional result is to establish protocol and precedent of the right to invade the biosocial domain of the individual by authority. Utilizing middle-ages demonic causality, forensic drug testing is predicated on the concept of being posessed by an illicit substance, the presence of which determines moral, legal, and administrative stigma (or not). The same demonic posession causality also underpins civil asset forfeiture. In the workplace it is civil rights and privacy forfeiture. Since there is no scientific or actuarial evidence to connection between metabolite and fitness for duty, drug testing is simply a repressive tool.

 However, special interest groups embedded by the malfeasant architects of this NAZI-like abuse of scientific and administrative methodology create great harm. They enforce this moralistic divination of  human chattel  rampant through abuse of laboratory and administrative process. This contemporary stupidity epidemic is designed to dumb down and subjugate human resources. Removing financial support from students cruelly dumbs down the student population and squanders human resources to reduce competitiveness in the global economy.

 Authoritarian right wing activist technocrats have institutionalized the profit driven testing industry and are intimately involved in refining the invocation of urodivination techniques. Current high priests of the cult of uropharmacomancy are the medical review officers conceived of to be giving some common sense and legitimacy in the ambiguities of “drug free”.

 The authorized uropharmacodiviners can be anyone “who possesses the training and skills necessary to assess the documentation and results of a drug test and to identify illicit drug use.”

 The next step will be to expand this primacy to other conditions threatening to profitability. Other lifestyle and genetic illness that would be costly health risks.

 The salient questions of a cost/benefit analyses remain to be asked in the heat of battle. Required in this process is proper valuation of civil and constitutional rights of those subject to testing. 

THM    3-13-01 updated from 2-22-93