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National Republican Congressional Committee Honors Dr. Mikuriya with National Leadership Award and Appointment to NRCC's Physician Advisory Board

Dr. Mikuriya offers Republican leadership 10-Point Health Plan


Dear colleagues,

I gratefully accept the National Leadership Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee and appointment as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physician’s Advisory Board. I fully intend to assist and guide the Republican Leadership in the area of Health Care Reform.

We face unprecedented opportunity to change a health care system in substantive and positive ways in the treatment of drug abuse problems. The following advice is to radically reform a fragmented and dysfunctional approach to these problems, specifically:

1 Repeal the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which is unscientific and harmful to health policy.
2 Transfer drug policy to the Surgeon General to substitute medical management for punitive and prohibitive enforcement solutions.
3 Re-deploy DEA to EPA to prevent chemical terrorism and pesticide poisoning.
4 Actuarial based treatment for all drugs- including alcohol and nicotine products with costs for treatment and casualty loss from use shared with the consumer.
5 Prohibit direct advertisement of all prescription drugs.
6 Restore medicinal cannabis to availability that before 1938 with definitions in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia for composition and potency.
7 Hold hearings on the misleading and deceiving of congress to pass the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 by Harry J. Anslinger.
8 Hold hearings on covert human drug testing by intelligence agencies.
9 Hold hearings on the legitimacy and scientific aspects of drug testing and fitness for duty.
10 Mandate K-12 training in psychophysical education and critical thinking.

If the National Republican Congressional Committee can take a global look at drug abuse treatment and resist the managed information pressure from industry and the enforcement to advance a bold strategy that upholds the conservative tradition of sovereignty and dignity of the individual. Moral leadership would be once again be the standard of the Republican Party if the above advice is implemented.

Very truly yours,

Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.

Honorary Co-Chairman


Post 9-11 Update:

Since the assault on America, the leadership exerted by Attorney General Ashcroft and the DEA Chief, Asa Hutchinson has been problematic. Instead of organizing and involving the citizenry to pull together, they persevere on assaults against Californians and Oregonians. The resultant climate of fear is not helped by these irrational and counterproductive priorities. The mistrust and alienation subverts appropriate mobilization efforts for anti foreign terrorism. And puts America at greater risk. The efforts to suppress medical marijuana are harmful to national security. Coincident with recent DEA raids on California cannabis centers there have been FBI high alerts which have come to mean impending cannabis center raids by the DEA. This is an inappropriate priority or role of government that depends on consent, mutual trust, and participation. More importantly, resources are diverted from mobilization and developing defense against CW.

Hopefully, the announced reorganization of the FBI will include the redeployment of the DEA mentioned above to CW terrorism prevention, methamphetamine labs, illegal pesticide use and environmental crimes. Ironically, there is scientific and medical evidence to indicate that cannabis and cannabinoids are antidotes or protectors from neurotoxic chemical agents. Shortly after I left the National Institute of Mental Health I was contacted by Van M. Sim, M.D., medical director for the chemical warfare research program for the military and intelligence agencies at the Edgewood Arsenal. He wanted to get cannabinoids research declassified because of the medically useful properties that included a potent and effective anti seizure agent. However, the information went nowhere because of the hostile climate towards therapeutic uses of cannabis. The difference between living or dying from an attack from exposure to poison gas may be ignorance that cannabis may be an antidote. The mind poisoning on cannabis from the dominance of stipulative dogma defining cannabis may be literally lethal- if not debilitating. Additionally, cannabis is an effective medication for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. The American Psychiatric Association refused to publish my letter suggesting this therapeutic application. Their promotion of other patented potions precludes mention of what will become future  competition and threats to bottom lines. This response is ethically problematic. The degradation of my profession of psychiatry by mercantilization and rationing by third parties is indeed alarming. But read the advertising in the APA publications and view direct general advertising on TV.

Ethical Deregulation and the Supremes:

The relationship between government and individuals continues to regress with a  simultaneous ascendance of classist hegemony enabled and facilitated by federal government. Privacy is becoming a fond memory despite official proclamations to the contrary. Junk science has been embedded in regulatory protocols to chattelize growing populations through drug testing that removes privacy and rights of students. Divination of moral status by metabolite where no relationship with fitness for duty has been shown but is institutionally mandated. Ironically, a simultaneous announcement of the 9th district federal court of appeals outlawing "God" in The Pledge of aAllegiance caused conspicuous keening of the Pharisesaic right wing radicals and fellow moralisti. With the disclosures from the uncovering of theft and sharp practices in large corporations and White House connections, secrecy, executive privilege, and stonewalling  heighten mistrust. From  the money talking is free speech decision, the consequences of this mercantilization  now intrude upon  awareness. The retreat of government control and services through privatization and deregulation increases abuse by the private sectors. Cheating, and societal attitudes toward ethical lapses in business and government corrodes and weakens trust. The hypocrisy of the jingoists grossly offends and alienates the international community further diminishing pretensions of leadership. Efforts to distract from these endemic problems with agitprop military initiatives are pages from Orwell's 1984- except it is a failure of the capitalists rather than a totalitarian socialist state. We face crises in confidence in the institutions. And governance depends on trust.