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A BILL: Leadership Accountability Act of 200X
(Corruption, Hypocrisy, and Hubris Discouragement and Rehabilitation Law)

The alienation of decision makers from the people threatens the union by abridging their constitutional protection and rights. The resulting lessened respect and trust attenuates governance.

Abuse of power, betrayal of fiduciary responsibility, and caving in to special interest groups has resulted in abuse of citizens. Legislation and policy have stripped the people of rights and property that are explicitly and implicitly protected by the Constitution.

To facilitate  humane, compassionate, accountable, and equitable governance, the following sanctions are enacted to enhance respect for The Bill of Rights and the Constitution:

  I. Whosoever creates, facilitates, supports, or directs the execution of laws or policies that abridge, suborn, deprive or nullify individual civil liberties and constitutional rights is guilty of a crime against the constitution.

II. Rehabilitation shall emphasize restitution for the type of harm caused by the laws or policies initiated, facilitated, supported, or enforced by the violator.

Constitutional crime, is specific: violation of the oath of office which includes the provision to uphold the Constitution.

Failure to uphold shall be regarded as constitutional incompetence; necessitating conservatorship until rehabilitation and restitution are complete.

The legislature is directed to create, enact, and implement enabling legislation that includes:

Economic sanctions include forfeiture of salary and accrued retirement benefits, attachment of wages and benefits, forfeiture of property, and credit restriction. Proceeds shall be earmarked for restitution and costs.

Personal penalties include jail, prison, boot camps, half-way houses, house arrest, probation, and disenfranchisement

Education and testing on the  United States Constitution and constitutional law shall be included in conditions of probation/parole.

 Violators pay for administrative services contracted for by the court. The corrective programs shall report yearly to the Bureau of Criminal Statistics enumeration of program activity with specific penalties for non compliance or failure to report.

    Tod H. Mikuriya  4-21-2002