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Medical Practice

Dr. Mikuriya maintains a medical practice at El Cerrito Plaza in El Cerrito, California specializing in Cannabis Consultations under HSC §11362.5. You can reach Dr. Mikuriya's practice at 510-525-1278.

Focusing on cannabis consultations allows Dr. Mikuriya to collect clinical data for research purposes. Much of the data upon which Dr. Mikuriya's cannabis writings are based came from his patients.

Please note: Dr. Mikuriya is a specialist. As such, he is not a primary care provider and does not take primary care responsibilties for patients seeking consultations. Dr. Mikuriya will work with your primary care provider to come up with a workable treatment plan that attempts to improve quality of life while decreasing dependence on harmful pharmaceuticals.

Prospective patients should have a serious illness that is treatable with cannabis and supporting medical documentation before contacting Dr. Mikuriya for a consultation. Please inform your primary care provider of your intentions before contacting Dr. Mikuriya for a consultation. Also note that time constraints prevents Dr. Mikuriya from seeing every patient who contacts him.

There is also limited availability for medicolegal consultations and expert witness services. Time constraints prohibit taking every case that presents, however, all serious enquiries will be considered.

El Cerrito Plaza is located at Fairmount Avenue and San Pablo Avenue. It is a short drive from Interstate 80 and two blocks South of El Cerrito Plaza BART Station.

If you need to download forms or directions for your appointment, you must get a password from the person scheduling your appointment and follow this link.


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