HSC 11362.5
Implementation and Compliance:
Non-compliance, inactivity, confusion, and collusion

Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.

California Compassionate Use Act of 1996
(Health &Safety Code 11362.5) Section 1 C

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Nine days after Proposition 215 became California law a closed whine-in at the White House Office of Drug Control Policy 11-14-1996 to block it. (FOIA document Pat McCartney)

California Criminal Justice Attendees

Former Drug Czar General Barry R.  McCaffrey
accords Dr. Mikuriya international recognition
and threatens California physicians

Senator Vasconcellos, AG Lockyer, and Santa Clara County DA Kennedy (1996 Washington DC McCaffrey meeting), 1999
Medical Marijuana Working Group

Unidentified prison industrial complex lobbyists who showed up for the last open Lockyer-Vasconcellos working group  to inform the group the proposed implementation and compliance was DOA

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Senior Assistant Attorney General John Gordnier
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
 secret meeting 11-14-1996

California Narcotics Officers Association

CNOA Tentacles of Influence

More CNOA Tentacles

Sanctions Against Physicians

Medical Board Investigation and Prosecution of California Doctors

Steven Gossett: Fake Patient
Actual Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy
“former DEA” dual certified
Presented at an Oakland clinic. Left his wire off for fear of discovery

Medical Board Investigative and Prosecutorial Abuse turns immunity of physicians from sanction on its ear. The cover story is “standards of practice”

Proactive Responses

Medical Board Reform

Statewide Audit Implementation and Compliance

Implementation varies from county to county and even from city to city
For example the cities of Oakland and Newark, both in Alameda County.

On the other hand, the city of Newark is Noncompliant

Remedial Civil Actions

Reasons to be Hopeful

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