IV. Considerations to Date Federal Agencies HHS
1. Effectively communicate data in the five institutes of the NIH fact
sheets reflecting their scientific assessment of smoked marijuana
2. Analyze all available data on drug use, especially marijuana, and
expand ongoing drug use surveys to determine current levels of drug
use in California and Arizona and to track changes in these states in
drug use,
3. Participate in efforts by all affected parties to develop a more
effective “message” for each of the relevant constituency about the use
of marijuana, (preteens, teens, parents, physicians, public health
officials, etc.) about the use of marijuana
4. Participate in discussions in all other states (where needed) to
educate key public and private health leaders about the problems with
the two initiatives
5. Strengthen our drug abuse prevention efforts directed at preteens
and teens (specifically for marijuana) through a new, coordinated