Cannabis: A Unique Analgesic
Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D.
California Cannabis Research Medical Group
P.O Box 9143
Berkeley, CA 94709

Cannabis             Opioids
Agitation, confusion progressing to sedation
No Pupillary changes but injected sclera
No respiratory effects
No death
Sedation, deepening unresponsiveness, coma
Pin Point Pupils
Respiratory depression

Cannabis, an Antidepressant
Depression is a presenting feature of chronic disease pain.
Worsened by sedatives that decrease mobility and functionality
Not a sedative, cannabis increases mobility and functioning
Cannabis improves and normalizes sleep
Facilitates gastrointestinal functioning

Cannabinoids, unique non-watersoluble precursors of eicosanoids modulate both generalized and local inflammatory reactions through the prostaglandin systems.
Arthritic and neuritic inflammatory processes are relieved.
Involved in control of spasticity of inflammatory etiology

Both smooth and skeletal muscle spasm are eased by cannabis.
Peristalsis and glandular functioning are normalized by cannabis.
Both relief of spasm and promoting normal peristalsis and evacuation.

Cannabis, an easement
Not a narcotic
A mood modulator, a calmative that restores control at optimum dose.
Not a sedative when inhaled at low dose
An immunomodulator for generalized and local inflammatory processes
Antispasmodic smooth and skeletal muscle relaxant

Chronic Disease Pain Control
A mood modulator that both decreases emotional reactivity and vulnerability to pain by:
Controlling the immediate target symptom
Modulating emotional response
Promoting quality sleep
Normalizing gastrointestinal functioning

Modulates and mobilizes emotional reactivity
Increases focus and concentration
Decreases distraction and intrusion of pain perception
Improves amount and quality of sleep to enhance cognition
Improves mobility and functioning
Restores a sense of control and self-esteem

Cannabis                 Opioids
Appetite stimulant
Promotes peristalsis
Promotes evacuation
Anti Pruritic
Mild antispasmodic
Appetite suppressant
GERD and Gastritis