Cannabis in California:

Proactive Structuralism vs
Mis and Malfeasance

 California Compassionate
Use Act of 1996
(Health & Safety Code §11362.5)

No provision for Implementation & Compliance

Public and private sectors fail
to obey the law throughout the state.

Barry R. McCaffrey threatens California Physicians    12/30/96

Physicians and health institutions continue non compliant and fearful.

Gridlock, fear of federal intervention, and ignorance presents opportunity

Intrabeltway federal interagency gridlock

Criminal justice chaos

State and local government blocked



"SAN FRANCISCO:Health Department Card..."

Counties with some implementation and compliance

Compassionate Use Act of 1996-
Diagnostic tool of government dysfunction

Sanctions against physicians

Medical Board of California

Gridlock and ambiguity: Opportunity for Proactive Structuralism

California Cannabis Research
Medical Group

 Treatment Programs in Cannabis Centers- clean, safe, well lighted places to buy and visit.

Cannabis center harm
reduction: substitution for non medical drugs and fellowship.

Medical Cannabis Association

Medical Cannabis Association Membership Categories


Cannabis centers for alternative medicine

Cash Based Products and Services
“He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune.”
A Restaurant Model

Self sustaining, self funded

Like Vietnam After the Tet Offensive

Civil suits

Contributions to California physician and patient civil suits may be made to: