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 (page still in progress) Dr. Mikuriya strikes back, files suit against Tehama County, Shasta County, and the Medical Board of California.

Most of the documents listed below are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

3/24/00 Letter from Medical Board informing of possible Attorney General action against Dr. Mikuriya.
Dr. Mikuriya's attorney, Susan Lea's response

7/14/00 Complaint from Division of Medical Quality Medical Board of California to State Attorney Bill Lockyer's office asking for action against Dr. Mikuriya's license.

7/27/00 Notice of Defense, Attorney Susan Lea lays out the key points of Dr. Mikuriya's defense.

9/14/00 43 subpoenas for records received from Medical Board.  The further politicization of the medical board continues.  43 new complaints--all from police and DA's--0 complaints from patients and/or the medical community.  Sample subpoena.

5/6/01 Medical Board's Points to Compel Dr. Mikuriya to breach patient confidentiality and turn over medical records.  Also, Points in Support of the above document, declaration of Medical Board Senior Investigator.

5/24/01 Filed on behalf of Dr. Mikuriya, Respondent's Opposition to Petition to Compel release of medical records.  Also Memo of Points and Authorities in support of opposition and Declaration of Dr. Mikuriya in opposition.

5/24/01 Dr. Mikuriya seeks change of venue from Sacramento to San Francisco, Motion for change of venue.

6/7/01 Medical Board's opposition to motion for change of venue.

6/11/01 Dr. Mikuriya's reply to opposition to motion for change of venue.

6/18/01 On 6/19/01 the motion for change of venue was denied.  We are still waiting for that paperwork, but here is the preliminary judgement.

7/15/01 Declaration from attorney concerning ongoing saga to protect patient records.

7/17/01 Attorney General's Supplemental Brief to Compel release of patient records.  Documents include Supplemental Brief, Declaration of Thomas Campbell in support of brief, and attached letters from patients arguing against release.  Note that the Supplemental Brief is a large document--4 MB.

8/3/01 Dr. Mikuriya's attorney files supplemental reply in opposition to order compelling the production of patient records.

10/9/01 Judge issues partial ruling on Dr. Mikuriya's motion--a win, a loss, and a draw.  Read the judge's ruling on submitted matter.

Further information, including investigation transcript, introduction from Dr. Mikuriya, and information from 1995 investigation can be found here.

Also, Medical Board of California--official site.

Medical Board of California, Division of Medical Quality Manual of Disciplinary Guidelines.  (a fairly large pdf file)

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