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Mikuriya Medical is California's original medical marijuana consultation service.  Dr. Tod Mikuriya (1933-2007) began the study of cannabis medicines while still in medical school and went on to head up the National Institute of Health's non-classified marijuana research program.  In 1972, Dr. Tod published Marijuana Medical Papers: 1869-1972, this seminal work helped launch the modern movement for medical marijuana.

When the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 was enacted into law as CA HSC 11362.5, Dr. Tod began practicing cannabis therapy full time.  This bold move brought negative attention from the forces of prohibition ranging from the National Drug Czar all the way down to individual county sheriffs and at every level in between.  Fortunately, Dr. Tod's shoulders were broad enough to withstand this attention, and he had largely overcome the personal opposition by the time of his death in May 2007.

Upon his death, Dr. Tod's sister, Beverly A. Mikuriya, M.D., took over Dr. Tod's medical consultative practice. 

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