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A brief photo retrospective:

Age 3 in blue green ducky suit 

Age 6 first grade Falls Township Public School. Predicted that President Roosevelt would lead us into war against Japan and Germany despite official statements to the contrary. Became de facto war criminal December 7, 1941. In Fallsington, Pennsylvania we were not part of the West Coast roundup for the concentration camps. But we were under official surveillance by the FBI with restrictions of no travel outside of 50 miles, turn in the folding camera and the radio that had a short wave band. The small town was divided into most who regarded us with suspicion shunning us with silence or hateful looks. The Methodists and Presbyterians rejected us but we were taken in and protected by the Quakers. My First Day school teacher, a lawyer for 60 years, was a Concientious Objector during WWII and was assigned alternative service and then went to Europe to help with displaced persons after the war. He used to take us on trips to the homes of early Quaker movers and shakers. They were much more in leadership in Penn's Woods of pre and post revolutionary America. Last year I had the opportunity to walk though the cemetery at the old meeting house and hear stories of the inhabitants going back to the 1700's. Quakers are not big on ceremony but more of the good works school of Christianity and social change. This traditional Quaker meeting is 1 hour of collective silence in a spare but comfortable room that, upon revisiting, seems a lot smaller than it was before.


Third grade 1941-42 Member Captain Midnight Secret Squadron with his official codagraph received for a label of chocolaty flavored Ovaltine to hopefully get some clues as to the plans of arch villain Ivan Shark in the messages a the end of the show.

Fifth Grade 1943 -1944

Private US Army Winner Brooke Army Medical Center 1958 All Army Contest Winner Vocal Soloist

Publicity photo for the above event 


Circa 1985 Certified Street Musician Renaissance Pleasure Faire Black Point Marin County California

1965 Oregon State Hospital Salem, Oregon second year psychiatric resident

Member, California Statewide Steering Committee Proposition 19 for decriminalization. 1972

Dennis Peron for Supervisor, San Francisco, California 1990