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Coyote RN 
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Sunday, 15. February 2004 13:22 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I wish I could sign this withour fear, and it probably won't matter that I faked it since my ISP surely can be traced. My husband and I recently decided to use "medicine" instead of addictive pills for our chronic pain. My husband has found tremendous relief from his back spasms (partitally ruptured disc) and I have found a reason to take less Ambien. How ever the paranoia is making other areas of life less bearable.
My husband lost a chance for work because of a drug test. He could be a total alchollic and child molester and get a job, but not a pot smoker.
We are not children, we know that the issue is political, and it is so far from just looking for a "high". My primary care physician refuses to listen or learn, and will not fill out the form. I guess there are a few docs still around that will do the paperwork
but without insurance, and the distance involved to travel to see them is limiting we are still running illegal.
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