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Cannabis Writings

"Cannabis has been categorized in contradictory and diverse ways since antiquity and subject to political context. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies cannabis as an hallucinogen with high potential for abuse with no medical value. When cannabis was available for prescriptive use from the mid 1840’s through 1938 it was classified as hypnotic, sedative, and narcotic. Medical literaturature and clinical observation suggests that an apt classification or categorization is easement for low dose cannabis effects. [Dr. Mikuriya] proposes the addition of easement to drug classifications and categories of action of cannabis drugs.

The therapeutic mechanisms of cannabis afford opportunities for studying mind body connections to better understand the human complex interplay of set, setting, personality with cannabis in the management of chronic illness.

Semantic characterizations are important in shaping not only personal experience but institutional policy as well. " The above is exerpted from a longer writing of Dr. Mikuriya's available here.

Cannabis Eases Post Traumatic Stress, originally published in O'Shaughnessy's, Spring 2006.

Cannabis as a First-line Treatment for Childhood Mental Disorders, a case report first published in O'Shaughnessy's, Spring 2006.

Cannabis As A Substitute for Alcohol,(pdf) published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics Vol. 4(1) 2004, this clinical study follows 88 patients who are (with variable success) using cannabis to end or decrease their use of alcohol.

Cannabis- An Easement- a Proposed Unique Drug Category, presented at the International Cannabinoid Research Society's "2001 Symposium on the Cannabinoids", June 2001, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain.

Cannabis Substitution: Harm Reduction Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, co-written with Jerry Mandell, 2001. 

Clinical Review: 3000 Cases, presented at The First National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics, Iowa City, Iowa April 7, 2000, this file is an updated synopsis of the following paper. This is a small html file.

Dependency and Cannabis Submitted for publication 10/99.  A nice summary of the historical overview combined with recent clinical experience.  A decent retort to those who view cannabis as a "gateway drug".  In many cases cannabis is a "gateway" back.

Medicinal Uses of Cannabis Written in 1998 with updates, this piece expands and elaborates upon  historical medical citations concerning cannabis with Dr. Tod's own clinical findings since the passage of the California Compassionate Use Act of 1996 for a new look at the medicinal uses of cannabis.

Cannabis as a Pharmacological Harm Reducer, unpublished 1997 with updates.

Dr. Tod's List, an ICD-9 listing of chronic diseases that Dr. Mikuriya has seen cannabis used to treat--many of these were found outside of Dr. Tod's medical practice.

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report: Excerpts and centennial thoughts. (1994)

Cannabis Abuse and Treatment  Written prior to 1992, Dr. Mikuriya may have since rethought some of the premises of this paper.

A Proposal for Comprehensive Rational Drug Abuse Control   Originally published in three consecutive issues of Sinsemilla Tips beginning with Vol 8 #4, Summer 1989. (pdf file)

Cannabis 1988: Old Drug New Dangers; The Potency Question Co-written with Michael Aldrich. A comprehensive investigation into the potency question.

Two articles cowritten with Michael Aldrich, includes "Savings in CA Marijuana Law Enforcement Costs" and Cannabis 1988: Old Drug New Dangers".  (pdf file)

1987 Affidavit to the DEA concerning the NORML petition to reschedule cannabis. (pdf file)

Taming Drug-Dependency With a Credit Card, originally published: Medical World News/December 21, 1981 

Cannabis in Western Medicine: An Abbreviated History, originally published in Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, 1978.

Medicalization of Drug Abuse Control: Originally published mid 70's in "Addiction and Treatment".

Marijuana: Medical, Moral and Social Aspects, originally published in Clinical Toxicology, 1975.

The Significance of Cannabis In the History of Medicine--unsure of original publication.

Contemporary Aspects of Drug Abuse: Presented February 1970

Marijuana in Medicine: Past Present and Future: Guest Speaker’s Address: Presented as part of a Panel Discussion on Current Problems of Drug Abuse before the Second General Meting at the 97th Annual Meeting of the California Medical Association, San Francisco, March 23 to 27, 1968. Printed January 1969, California Medicine, pp 34-40

Physical, Mental, and Moral Effects of Marijuana: The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report Originally published: The International Journal of the Addictions, Vol. 3, No. 2, Fall 1968

Biomonitored Effects of Charas Carl Pfeiffer, PhD, M.D., Henry B. Murphree, M.D., and Tod H. Mikuriya, M.D. 6/15/1967 The third author ingested 500 mg of a potent Charas extract in the Laboratory of the New Jersey Bureau of Research in Neurology and Psychiatry. One of the findings was speculation of use for the processing of high energy phosphate compounds as because of elevated uric acid.